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Innovation – Alive and Thriving at Cadence

Last week, New York Times technology reporter, Steve Lohr, wrote about a Booz&Company annual survey of the 1,000 largest corporate spenders on research and development. In an economic environment laced with cost cutting measures across capital investments, marketing and payroll, the obvious premise for a survey on this topic would be that R&D spending would also take a hit.

Not so, according to the results. Respondents indicated that R&D budgets actually increased 5.7 percent in 2008 and 70% planned to maintain or increase their spend in 2009. Surprising? Not really given the survey also revealed more than 90% of the participating executives said innovation was critical to their companies’ success. More than 90%! With 14 pages of summary, testimonials, pie charts and graphs, this report gives a clear picture of just how integral innovation is to the corporate strategies behind the world’s most important industries.

The report uses an arms-race analogy to describe how the 1,000 largest corporate R&D spenders consider innovation so important, they don’t want to disarm despite the short-term economics. Innovation is the foundation they are betting on to hold their market positions and gain a competitive edge. In their minds, everything can be cut…but not R&D.

For me personally, the release of the Booz&Company results couldn’t have been better timed – today happens to be the fourth annual Innovation Day. But with the added reinforcement of the survey conclusions, a big question came to mind. How does an “arms merchant” like Cadence take advantage of the innovation arms race? The answer is simple. We INNOVATE!

The survey reached 1,000 of the largest corporate spenders on R&D. These companies are the leaders in their respective industries – all well-known for innovation. They are also EDA customers. So when I say the answer for Cadence is to innovate…I’m talking about creating technology that is not just tightly aligned with but intrinsic to the innovation our customers bet their companies on.

EDA customers use the innovation we create to change the world – literally, their products change the world for consumers and businesses. If we enable them to bring products to market faster, more cost effectively and with better quality, our innovation becomes invaluable to their success. We become the competitive weapon they won’t go to battle without.

Innovation is the heart and soul of Cadence – it’s in our DNA and it’s what makes us different. We’ve made powerful advances possible and now have over 800 U.S. patents – that’s more than any other EDA company.  We’re very proud of our history and the Cadence employees who’ve spent many dedicated hours making their complex ideas a reality for our customers.

Being that today is Innovation Day, it’s an important annual milestone for Cadence. In honor of the occasion, we’re taking this opportunity to recognize some of the company’s amazing technology leaders and highlight their contributions to the EDA industry this year. We have a big day planned and since we go big or go home – the celebration will come with all the bells and whistles worthy of their achievements.

No matter what your plans are today to ring in Innovation day, on a larger scale, there’s no doubt innovation continues to thrive in Silicon Valley thanks to the great minds and dedication of our technology leaders/entrepreneurs. I look forward to being a part of future developments and strongly believe if we continue to focus on solving hard problems, we can foster a positive influence throughout the world.



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